Casual Wednesday Class Registration

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  • This study will be based on the book Praying Backwards: Transform Your Prayer Life by Beginning in Jesus’ Name by Bryan Chapell. Christians often say, “In Jesus’ name” to close their prayers. But is this truly a desire of the heart or a perfunctory “Yours Truly” to God? What if we began our prayers in Jesus’ name by reordering our priorities in prayer (and in life) away from ourselves and towards Jesus and His kingdom, learning to pray boldly, expectantly, and persistently? If you are seeking to transform your prayer life, you will find wonderful direction in "Praying Backwards."

  • Guardrails: a system  designed to keep vehicles from straying into dangerous or off-limit areas. They're everywhere, but they don't really get much attention—until somebody hits one. And then, more often than not, it is a lifesaver. Ever wonder what it would be like to have guardrails in other areas of your life—areas where culture baits you to the edge of disaster and then chastises you when you step across the line? Your friendships. Your finances. Your marriage. Maybe your greatest regret could have been avoided if you had established guardrails. In this 5-part video series, Andy Stanley challenges us to stop flirting with disaster and establish some personal guardrails.

  • Many of God’s people have head knowledge about God, but sometimes they have little heart and life experience with Him. They have questions like: Does God really speak to us today? How do we know what His will is? Can we  hear Him speak and really know what He wants us to be doing? Based on the book Experiencing God: Knowing  and Doing the Will of God by Henry and Richard Blackaby, this course is inviting you to experience Him in an intimate love relationship through which He reveals to you His will,  His ways, and His work. Through the biblical principles in this course, God will teach you this and much more. Come and be challenged, but be warned: life may never be the same again.

  • We will discuss subjects like: What distinguishes reformed theology from other Christian denominations? What are Christian evangelical essentials? What are different views on baptism? What are different views on communion? What is the Good News of the Gospel?