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APRIL 14 - JUNE 2, 2021

Discussing Mere Christianity

When did you read Mere Christianity? Have you? If so, did it make a profound impression on you?

C. S. Lewis wrote this classic book during World War II. In fact, he wrote it as a series of radio addresses that later became the book. Over the decades, countless people have been drawn to faith in Christ or found their faith strengthened by it. It has proved surprisingly resilient. Other books have come and gone. Other bestsellers have waned in popularity. Mere Christianity continues to sell. It speaks to people today despite the changes in society since it was written. What accounts for its staying power? Why not find out for yourself?

Pastor David is teaching an 8-week class on Mere Christianity as part of our Casual Wednesday series. Each week a short video introduces us to Lewis’s life and world. Then Pastor David discusses a portion of the book. (See reading schedule below.)

Join us in person at 6:00 p.m. in Langill Hall beginning Wednesday, April 14th, or join online by logging into your Zoom account and using Meeting ID 851 0847 7680. You may also click on the image to be directed to the meeting. Because of copyright on the videos we will watch, the class cannot be recorded and will not be posted on the website.

You will need your own copy of C.S. Lewis's Mere Christianity, but there are no other books required.

Session 1

The Preface

Book 1, Chapter 1: "The Law of Human Nature"

Book 1, Chapter 2: "Some Objections"

Session 2

Book 1, Chapter 4: "What Lies Behind the Law"

Book 1, Chapter 5: "We Have Cause to Be Uneasy"

Session 3

Book 2, Chapter 1: "The Rival Conceptions of God"

Book 2, Chapter 2: "The Invasion"

Session 4

Book 2, Chapter 3: "The Shocking Alternative"

Book 2, Chapter 4: "The Perfect Penitent"

Session 5

Book 3, Chapter 1: "The Three Parts of Morality"

Book 3, Chapter 8: "The Great Sin"

Session 6

Book 3, Chapter 10: "Hope"

Session 7

Book 4, Chapter 1: "Making and Begetting"

Book 4, Chapter 2: "The Three-Personal God"

Session 8

Book 4, Chapter 9: "Counting the Cost"

Book 4, Chapter 10: "Nice People or New Men"