Bible Study on John

(based on work by John MacArthur)

Beginning Sunday, October 31 (Reformation Sunday), Ed Coco will begin an approximately 12-week Bible study on the Gospel of John. The class will be meeting in the library at 9:45 a.m.

I am excited to lead this study because it was the first book of the Bible we studied in depth at the Seminary in my Greek language class.

Anyone reading through the first three Gospels—Matthew, Mark, and Luke—will immediately notice their striking similarities. The three tell many of the same stories, sometimes with identical wording, and follow the same basic storyline. Because of these similarities, these three are called the "Synoptic Gospels'"(synoptic means "a common perspective"). These three gospels seem to me to focus on Jesus’ identity as the Messiah, our promised King and Savior from the line of David.

But to me, John is different in that he focuses less on Jesus’ messiahship and more on his true humanity. He IS the eternal Son and the “Word” (Logos) of God, God’s self-revelation. The writing style also seems, in my view, more like ordinary people would write.

Please join me as we try to better understand God’s will for our lives and the unique character of the Logos (the Word) that put on flesh to be a model for our lives and, more importantly, our Savior.

Class Outline & Reading Schedule

"Introduction to John"

"The Incarnation of the Son of God"

 (John 1:1-18)

"The Presentation of the Son of God"

 (John 1:19-2:25)

"You Must Be Born Again"

 (John 3:1-36)

"The Living Water"

 (John 4:1-54)

"Unheeded Miracles"

 (John 5:1-6:71)

"Reactions to the Son of God"

 (John 7:1-10:43)

"The Resurrection and the Life"

 (John 11:1-54)

"The King Enters Jerusalem"

 (John 11:55-12:50)

"With Christ in the Upper Room"

 (John 13:1-14:31)

"Final Instructions and High Priestly Prayer"

 (John 15:1-17:26)

"Execution of the Son of God"

 (John 18:1-19:37)

"Resurrection of the Son of God"

 (John 19:38-21:25)