HEADLINES: Today's News from a Christian Point of View

with Pastor Brad Klostreich

Have you ever wondered why it seems our nation and world are headed in the wrong direction? We see it in the culture. We see it in politics, both at a state and national level. We see it at school board meetings. Ideals and attitudes that were unthinkable just five years ago now seem to be mainstream or soon-to-be mainstream. The behavior of younger generations seems devoid of anything representing a Christian or Biblical ethic but instead seems to follow the title of the Broadway musical entitled "Anything Goes."

  1. The distinction between the Creator and creation
  2. The distinction between humans and the rest of creation
  3. The distinction between man and woman

All three of these distinctions are under attack every day by the liberal elites in our nation. In fact, we're near the point in our nation where, if you hold to a Biblical view of marriage or the distinction between male and female relationships, you're considered a danger to society. In this Casual Wednesday series, we will discuss what's going on in our country, government, politics, churches, schools, and other entities. We'll also explore what the Bible says about these things. 

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