Have you ever wanted to talk about your faith but felt intimidated? Or you didn’t know what to say? Pastor David wants you to be confident and comfortable talking about your faith and spiritual things. He also wants you to be wise. In the class, you will learn the Spiritual Conversation Curve. You will learn how to figure out where people are coming from so that you can speak to them in the way that is most helpful. You will also learn habits that will make spiritual conversations easier and more natural.

Recordings of the classes can be accessed below.

For the class, you will need the book The Reluctant Witness, by Don Everts (ISBN: 978-0-8308-4567-5). Copies are available in the church office for $10 each. See the reading schedule below.

Reading Schedule:
Before class 1, Sept 2 (Wed.) or Sept 3 (Thur.)
Read introduction and chapter 1

Before class 2, Sept 9 (Wed.) or Sept 10 (Thur.)
Read chapter 2

Before class 3, Sept 16 (Wed.) or Sept 17 (Thur)
Read chapter 3

Before class 4, Sept 23 (Wed.) or Sept 24 (Thur.)
Read chapter 4

Before class 5, Sept 30 (Wed.) or Oct 1 (Thur.)
Read chapter 5


Links to the video recordings of the classes are posted below.

Click on the chapter number to access the video of that class's teaching and discussion.