Shepherds Program


ALL believers have been called to bring glory to God in whatever they do. We are looking for individuals or couples to serve in our Shepherds program. We currently have 45 flocks at PCPC.

The job of being a shepherd with a flock is a wonderful way to make the people of our congregation feel loved and acknowledged. As a shepherd, you would do the following:

  1. Send birthday cards
  2. Send get-well cards
  3. Send anniversary cards
  4. Send "praying for you" cards
  5. Connect with the members of your flock

If a member in your flock is sick, going to have surgery, or has a difficult situation and the church has been notified, the coordinator of the shepherds will call you or send you an email. You can then send the appropriate type of card. The church provides all the cards for this ministry.

You are not required to make home visits or phone calls unless you want to.

This is a ministry you can do from home. 

The Shepherds Program has been going on at PCPC for over 40 years. If you are interested in joining this active and meaningful ministry, please click the image and complete the form. A coordinator will contact you soon.

Please call the church office at 772-286-9958 with any questions.